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Webinar Portal for Bioenergy Webinar Portal for Bioenergy - Helene Cser

This portal serves as a launching point for current and archived forestry, conservation, bioenergy and natural resource webinars. Many of the webinars featured on our site provide participants with continuing education credit, free of charge, from professional accrediting organizations such as SAF, ISA, CCA and others.



Certified Biomass Procurement Specialist Switchgrass Unit Certified Biomass Procurement Specialist Switchgrass Unit

This eight-hour online course is designed to prepare agriculturists to work with farmers as employees of a bio-refinery to provide its feedstock needs. Course topics include site selection, soils, drainage, fertility, varieties, weed control, selecting growers, contracts, production systems and other switchgrass production issues. Course instructors are specialists from Auburn University, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky and Genera Energy.


Southeast Agriculture and Forestry Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance Southeast Agriculture and Forestry Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance

The Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER) is committed to positioning the South as the national leader in the bioeconomy. SAFER works toward this vision by providing strategic leadership in advancing initiatives related to biopower, biofuels, and bioproducts. These initiatives focus on better policy, targeted research, efficient commercialization, and outreach and education.


The 25x'25 Alliance The 25x'25 Alliance

Through the diligent efforts its diverse array of partners, the 25x'25 Alliance has evolved into a powerful coalition united behind the goal of securing 25 percent of the nation's energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2025. To date, the 25x'25 goal has been endorsed by nearly 1,000 partners, 35 current and former governors, 15 state legislatures and the U.S. Congress through The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.


eXtension: Wood Energy Community of Practice eXtension: Wood Energy Community of Practice
- Leslie Boby

The benefits of utilizing woody biomass for bio-based products are many. These benefits are environmental, economic, social, and energy related. The use of woody biomass for bioenergy can help mitigate greenhouse gases, contribute to the development of healthier forests, bolster rural economies, and reduce the nation's dependency on foreign oil. These articles introduce the benefits and concerns of utilizing woody biomass for energy.


eXtension: Farm Energy Community of Practice eXtension: Farm Energy Community of Practice

In the last few years, interest in alternative energy and energy conservation has skyrocketed due to unstable fuel prices and the desire to move toward renewable and sustainable energy sources. At the same time, technologies to conserve energy as well as convert feedstocks to biodiesel and ethanol have improved significantly.

Across America, farms are generating their own energy using wind turbines, solar panels, or anaerobic digesters, with some selling the excess electricity back to the grid. Other producers are experimenting with on-farm biodiesel and ethanol production, or researching new energy-related crops and business opportunities in anticipation of developing cellulosic biofuel technology and markets.


Forest Bioenergy Forest Bioenergy

The site is a repository of information related to biomass product use designed such that members can easily upload and the public can easily download relevant biomass-related information. The gateway includes publications, presentations, additional links, events, and images.


Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Network Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Network

The Bioenergy KDF supports the development of a sustainable bioenergy industry by providing access to a variety of data sets, publications, and collaboration and mapping tools that support bioenergy research, analysis, and decision making. In the KDF, users can search for information, contribute data, and use the tools and map interface to synthesize, analyze, and visualize information in a spatially integrated manner.


Bioenergy Legislative Library Bioenergy Legislative Library

The Bioenergy KDF Legislative Library allows users to search for information about both passed and pending legislation relevant to the production and use of biofuels in the United States. To get started, click on the “Legislators,” “Related Bills,” or “Committees” tabs above, or images below, and browse the database for information about the representatives, groups, and legislation that interest you.

You can filter search results by session, political party, state, chamber, and status. Use these different options to discover what actions have—and are—being taken in your state, and learn about the work being carried out by specific members and committees to advance the U.S. biofuels industry. The Legislative Library also provides links to full-text versions of the bills and other relevant websites so users can access more in-depth information about specific individuals and policies.

Biofuels Academy Biofuels Academy

This website aims to create educational materials that systematically integrate biofuels technology into undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum. The ultimate goal is to help prepare a technologically advanced workforce and innovative researchers for the biofuels technology field.


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