Biofuels Digest Features Genera Energy's Role in IBSS Partnership via "5-Minute Guide"

April 6, 2015

SEED Fellows

Genera Energy was recently highlighted by Biofuels Digest, a trade publication marketed as the "World's Most Widely Read Biofuels Daily." The feature highlights Genera's partnership with The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and other research centers via the Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems (IBSS), which collectively work to show how biofuels can be created from sustainable feedstocks like switchgrass, a crop that returns every year from a strong root system.  

Genera has also supported IBSS' education, extension and outreach goals by supporting student interns like Auburn University students Alexus and Mary Catherine, pictured at left. Both are engineering students from the Southeast. 

Genera is an industry leader in feedstock logistics, and has proven successful in projects aimed at reducing transportation costs.  Areas of innovation include reducing moisture content in bales prior to transport, reducing overall weight, and also in-field chopping, which cuts down on transport and storage losses caused by moisture.

Active participation in the IBSS Partnership helps Genera train next-generation leaders in the biofuels industry, along with providing next-generation technologies capable of meeting the Renewable Fuel Standard's goal of 22 billion gallons of "green" fuels like ethanol sourced from specialized energy crops such as switchgrass.  

Genera formally joined the IBSS partnership in Summer 2014.  Along with research and development operations related to renewable liquid fuel production, the company provides consulting services and biomass supply management services from its research campus at the 22 acre "Biomass Innovation Park" in Vonore, Tennessee. For more information about Genera's role in the  IBSS Partnership, visit

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