Crop Development

Quantifying real-world production of herbaceous feedstocks from average and marginal quality land, or with minimal fertilizer/pesticide and herbicide inputs.


Feedstock Production & Logistics

Ensuring quality and year round, delivered uniformity of feedstocks as a function of low cost harvesting, preprocessing and delivery systems.



Metrics & Modeling

Creating the tools, and the data for the tools, to evaluate the economic and environmental trade-offs required for any large-scale bioenergy production system.

Addressing the data needs or gaps to allow for economic and environmental modeling of biomass-to-biofuels systems.



Data, verified by our industrial partners, on the effects of size and co-generation of biomass power on the energy balance and economics of the biorefinery.

Clarity, informed by process models and matched to market information, on the benefits and limitation ofco-products on the energy balance and economics of the biorefinery.




Providing accurate and regionally specific information on the entire biomass-to-biofuels production process; informed with real-world regional examples.

Expanding a capable, motivated, effective and safe biomass-to-biofuels workforce.

Supplying new educational content and structure that can be used to inform students and policymakers and other stakeholders.

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