Frictional properties of ground loblolly pine chips

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Wadkins, J., A. Shreshta, O. Fasina, S. Adhikari, and Steve Taylor. 2013. Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship 2: 26–31.

Type Journal Article
Author J. Wadkins
Author A. Shreshta
Author O. Fasina
Author S. Adhikari
Author Steve Taylor
Volume 2
Pages 26 - 31
Publication Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship
Date Spring, 2013
Abstract Biomass, such as ground wood chips, is a bulk material and therefore has the typical flow problems associated with bulk materials. The frictional properties (cohesion, flow index, and angle of internal friction) of ground loblolly pine chips obtained from different harvesting operations (clean chips, dirty chips, and residues) and ground through 1.588 mm and 3.175 mm screens were measured. Grinding screen size did not significantly affect (P<0.05) the frictional properties of the samples. Cohesive strength and flow index of ground clean chips and dirty chips were significantly higher than those of ground residues. Based on flowability classification, the flow index value of 3.53 obtained for ground residues indicates that it has a cohesive flow behavior. Ground clean and dirty chips have easy flow behavior (flow index is 4.36). The angles of internal friction for ground clean chips, dirty chips, and residues were 45.2o, 44.9o and 46.2o respectively. The higher values of ash, cohesive strength, angle of internal friction, and flow index for the residues indicate that special handling and processing operations have to be carried out on the residues before they can be utilized in bioenergy applications.


  • Biomass
  • Friction
  • Loblolly pine
  • Physical properties
  • Process simulation
  • Wood grinds

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