Simulation, analysis, and assessment of CO2 enhanced biomass gasification

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Sadhwani, Narendra, Zheng Liu, Mario R. Eden, and Sushil Adhikari. 2013. Edited by Andrzej Kraslawski and Ilkka Turunen. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering Volume 32 (June): 421–26.

Type Journal Article
Author Narendra Sadhwani
Author Zheng Liu
Author Mario R. Eden
Author Sushil Adhikari
Editor Andrzej Kraslawski and Ilkka Turunen
Volume Volume 32
Pages 421-426
Publication Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
ISSN 1570-7946
Date June 10, 2013
Abstract Abstract Gasification of biomass using steam enables thermal treatment under a reducing atmosphere that leads to enhanced H2 production. Improved CO concentrations have been observed when CO2 is added as a co-reactive agent. In this work, a biomass gasification process using steam and CO2 in a fluidized-bed gasifier is modeled using ASPEN Plus. The model utilizes Gibbs free energy minimization to predict the effect of operating parameters such as temperature, pressure, and oxidizing media (CO2 and steam) on biomass conversion and syngas composition. The model is validated with experimental data obtained from a real fluidized-bed gasifier at different operating conditions. A sensitivity analysis of product gas composition and a comprehensive sustainability assessment is conducted to evaluate the economic, environmental, and social performance of steam and CO2 enhanced biomass gasification.


  • Biomass gasification
  • Process simulation
  • Sustainability assessment

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