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Publication Wood Energy: Understanding the Forest Connection
This publication addresses many of the concerns about feedstock production from natural and planted forests, along with market influences on feedstock ...
Publication A modular approach of integrating biofuels education into chemical engineering curriculum
Qinghua He, Rong Zhang, Jin Wang, Frank Leonard Armstead III, Rong Zhu Walburn, Donald Ray Johnson Jr, and Julius Lenard Taylor II. 2013.
Publication Education on biofuels technology in chemical engineering
Peter He, Jin Wang, Rong Walburn, and Donald R. Johnson. 2013.
Publication Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, 6 Volume Set
J. Yan, Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, 6 Volume Set. Wiley, 2015.
Publication Logging Worker Wage, Performance, and Experience
Y. Xu, M. Smidt, and Y. Zhang, “Logging Worker Wage, Performance, and Experience,” Forest Products Journal, vol. 64, no. 5–6, pp. 210–216, Jul. 2014.
Publication Systematic Review of Bioenergy Perception Studies
R. I. Radics, S. Dasmohapatra, and S. Kelley, “Systematic Review of Bioenergy Perception Studies,” BioResources; Vol 10, No 4 (2015), 2015.
Publication The IBSS Partnership: Reducing Barriers to the Deployment of an Advanced Biofuels Industry in the Southeastern U.S.
Timothy Rials, Stephen S. Kelley, Steven M. Taylor, Michael C. Cunningham, and William G. Hubbard, “The IBSS Partnership: Reducing Barriers to the Deployment ...
Publication Sustainable Forestry for Bioenergy and Bio-based Products
A training program produced by Southern Forest Research Partnership, Inc. September 2007
Publication Societal Motivations and Barriers in Biofuels
Publication Guidebook for the Sustainable Production Practices of Switchgrass in the Southeastern U.S.
Publication Significance of Outreach in Biofuels Arena
Publication Significance of K-12 Science Education in Biofuels Arena
Publication Renewable Fuel Standard and Treatment of Woody Biomass
Publication Public Perceptions of Bioenergy
Biomass producers and consumers, employees of the bioenergy, forestry, and transportation sectors, members and leaders of rural communities, and policymakers ...
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